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A World Of Pure Imagination

Indulge me for a moment and imagine our society without any of the industries that currently define beauty.  No advertising industry, so no models showing you “ideal” bodies, skin, hair, makeup, etc.  No smart-ass slogans about never being too rich or too thin.  No models or advertising means no fashion shows, no magazines full of articles about firming our buns, and no commercials telling us to call Jenny, cover our gray, or trim our bushes.  Ahem.

The film and television industry would be staffed only by people who can actually ACT.  That means a lot more Meryl Streep and a lot less Megan Fox.  Same goes for the music business – nice knowing you, Ke$ha.  In all likelihood, the quality of entertainment would improve greatly, since the industry wouldn’t be able to rely on pretty faces to sell tickets.

Hasta la vista, corporate America – those lovely folks who tell us what’s in and what’s out, inform us that we will only achieve coolness if we buy the latest techno gadget, and convince us that the $300 pair of sunglasses really is better than the $12 drug store one.  (Don’t even get me started on purses.)  And we’ll bid farewell to all those charming websites that seem to exist to make fun of people’s appearances (usually while throwing in a little racism, sexism and homophobia for good measure).

That’s probably just the tip of the iceberg, but you get the idea.  Now – what would you do?  Seriously, how would you choose to present yourself to the world if you knew nobody gave a rat’s patootie about judging you, since they have no established “rules” to apply to you?

Here’s some of my personal list:

Dye some of my hair an unnatural color, just for fun.  Pink, purple, I don’t know.

Cut my hair short in the summer to keep cool and simple, without worrying whether it suits me.

Put on a damn bathing suit and enjoy a day at the beach without giving a second thought to how I look.

Never, ever wear uncomfortable shoes again.

Add as many highly visible tattoos as I want, which would probably be several.

Dress in a manner that is suitably comfortable for my daily plans, and not spend all day tugging, pulling, adjusting, and sucking in to make sure I am not visually offensive to anyone.

Buy clothing I like that fits without spending big money.

Wear a bra… or not wear a bra.  Whichever I feel like.

Paint on black cat’s eye liner and red lipstick, go sans makeup altogether, or something in between.  Whichever I feel like.

I would probably still shave.  But that’s a personal choice.

It sounds pretty freeing, doesn’t it?  So why don’t more of us do these things now?  I mean, if nothing else, think of the money you’d save if you only bought what you really wanted to buy!  Personally, I’d save my extra cash for a nice tropical island vacation where I can strut my fat ass around in my bathing suit, free at last.

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