To be the Queen of Chaos, you have to be a little warped.

About Me

Queen of my Chaotic Domain – this is where I share, vent and rant about ruling my domestic kingdom and my life as a monarch of mayhem.  Parenting (typical and special needs children), family life, pop culture as it relates to kids and family, and moments of pure randomness abound here.  To wear my crown, you have to be a little warped.


Comments on: "About Me" (2)

  1. Amy-

    I just LOVE your post on postpartum anxiety. I suffer from panic attacks as well and have been using medication and CBT to overcome it. I am currently 34 weeks pregnant and it was a real nice treat to read what you had to say and know that I am not alone. No one I know suffers this disease publicly. Would you be willing to let me repost that post to my own blog? I would love to have other women read it. Thank you!


    • Jenna, feel free to link to the post! If it’s helpful to others I am more than willing to have as many ppl read it as possible! So sorry it took a while for me to reply – last week of school/dance recital wackiness messed my schedule all up! Best wishes for health and happiness to you.

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